Pentecost Praise


Saturday 29 May 4pm








At the Church of St John the Evangelist Rushford


All are welcome to join us for this unique event

Come expecting to worship in the presence of the Spirit


Richard Bisset will welcome you at the door

The service which will last about 90 minutes or so

will begin with a well-known hymn

Pastor Paul Hodgson will give a short opening address

and others on the Retreat will also share

followed by worship and ending

with a ministry time during which people

can quietly leave when they want to




There is NO PARKING available around the church

However there is a loop road so it is possible to drop

people off at the church & then follow the loop

round and back up to the Village Green to park there.


There are NO TOILETS available at the church


This event is FREE OF CHARGE

 NO OFFERING will be taken


If you are planning to join us it would be very helpful to know

how many you are - so we are ready to welcome you!

Please if possible, send an email to

[email protected]



We look forward to having you with us!



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